Adrian Young: I want to help community with Covid testing work
In recent days, Adrian Young, a foreign English teacher from Shijiazhuang Foreign Language Education Group, volunteer to help Qingsan Community with Covid testing work in Shijiazhuang.
Aug 29,2022
On arduous route, one postman delivers for decades
Liu Baochao, a postman in Chengde, Hebei province, has delivered letters, newspapers and other mail for more than two decades along a water route that was avoided by others in his field.
Aug 12,2022
Chinese dancer Ma Jiaolong: Ambassador of traditional Chinese culture
Chinese dancer Ma Jiaolong performed an impressive dance in Hyde Park, London, that appealed to many tourists. He wore an all-black dress with a purely white dance fan in his hand, suggestive of a splendid Chinese ink painting in black and white. He blended in pretty well with the scenery in the park and did a very good job of displaying Chinese culture.
Aug 4,2022
A village prospers, thanks to returnees
Gujiatai was once poverty stricken. Surrounded by mountains with bumpy roads, residents lived in adobe houses. Since 2012, when Fuping county started its poverty elimination campaign alongside other poor regions in the country, the village has gradually changed its fate.
Jul 18,2022
Lacquer carver finds way to pass on skills
A lacquer carving artist in Gu'an county of Langfang, Hebei province, has nurtured a dozen craftsmen to carry out his dream of passing down his traditional skills.
Jul 11,2022
Pic story: local surgeon engages in wild birds rescue work in Hebei
Ma Xirong, 56, a local surgeon in Kangbao, has been engaging in wild birds rescue work since 2009. Ma became president of Kangbao's protection association of relict gulls (larus relictus), which is under first-class state protection, in 2018. By far, over 1,300 wild birds have been rescued by the association. Currently more than 8,000 relict gulls have been spotted at Kangba Noel National Wetla...
Jul 8,2022
Sky Diary: 3,000 photos record improvements to air quality in northern Chinese city of Shijiazhuang
Wang Ruchun, a resident in Shijiazhuang, north China's Hebei Province, recorded significant improvements to the city’s air quality with 3,000 photos he took during the period from 2014 to 2021.
Jul 6,2022
Hossein Nafari: creating new glory for road of brand improving, technology leading
Hussein Nafari, the Vice-President of Mind Electronics said he has seen tangible changes in Hebei Province in the past four years, especially the great progress in economic development Hebei Province is changing every time and every where.
Jun 27,2022
Philippe Lenbach: Schneider Electric contributing to low-carbon development of Hebei Province
Schneider Electric supports Chinese industries to achieve sustainability while improving efficiency, with its leading technical expertise. In the future, the company will continue to work with more customers and partners, contribute to low-carbon development of Hebei Province.
Jun 26,2022
Yohei Kono: JAPIT wishes to cooperate in future developments with Hebei
The JAPIT keenly observes the rapid development of Hebei and wishes to cooperate in the future.Yohei Kono, president of the JAPIT made the above remarks at the opening ceremony of the 39th China·Langfang Int'l Economic and Trade Fair on Sunday. Click on the viedo to find more.
Jun 26,2022
Post-00 bone marrow donar
In April 2021, Guo received a call when he just completed the internship, ready to go home in Jiangsu. The call told him that his bone marrow was successfully matched with that of a blood patient and asked him whether he agreed to donate. Without a thought, he promised. He began to pay more attention to his living habits, strengthen physical training. He passed the physical checkup and the High...
Jun 22,2022
Traffic Police escorting patient to hospital through crowded street
"Give way, please, an emergency car behind", "Thank you". A traffic police officer called out through a loudspeaker, urging cars and trucks on the street to yield their way for the car carrying a woman patient that had her finger cut off. The traffic on the road offered good cooperation, all making way for the patient carrying car.
Jun 22,2022
57-year-old villager turns hometown into sea of flowers in north China
This was the brainchild of a 57-year-old villager Hu Bingyi. He started the project in 2016. By 2021, he had planted more than 600 pots of flowers. "I like flowers and have been thinking about how to make them serve to decorate the village," said the old man, who used to be truck driver. He said that when he was young, he did not have the time to plant flowers. It was only after retirement in ...
Jun 22,2022
Bus drivers help put out mini-bus fire
On the morning of April 19, 2022, a driver Chen Huanbing was driving his bus along Route 8 and when he arrived at the Shijin Cultural Park Stop, he found a minibus in flame on the other side of the road and the minibus driver seemed helpless in getting the fire under control as there were few people around. The Route 8 bus driver stopped the bus and, together with the bus captain, took the fir...
Jun 22,2022
A fire-rescuing girl helps burning store prevent huge losses
The young girl was Sun Xinru, 22, in her third year of university in the north China city of Huanghua, Hebei Province. She was cycling home from a grocery market on May 20, 2022, when she heard the cry for help. For fire rescue efforts, she missed the online lesson for half an hour. she said that she could make up for the lesson but not for the opportunity to put out the fire.
Jun 21,2022