Fascinating Crafts in Hebei ⑩丨Mastering an ICH in Eight Minutes: Zhili Official Cuisine
Zhili Official Cuisine is a precious cultural heritage of the ancient city of Baoding and a typical northern Chinese cuisine. In 2011, Zhili Official Cuisine was inscribed on the list of national intangible cultural heritage.
Nov 3,2023
Discover hot pot chicken: A distinctive local cuisine in Cangzhou, N China's Hebei Province
Hot pot chicken, a distinctive local cuisine in Cangzhou, north China's Hebei Province, perfectly marries Sichuan's spicy hot pot tradition with tender chicken.
Aug 7,2023
Visit Freezing Wonderland in Chongli丨③A Bite of Delicacy
Food has always been a beautiful card of tourism. Chongli, a district of Beijing 2022 co-host city Zhangjiakou, is not only a great place for ski enthusiasts, but also a paradise for foodies. Walking on the streets, you can see various restaurants and cafes offering a collection of global delicacies, which will absolutely arouse your appetite.
Feb 24,2023
Large persimmons harvested in Hebei
Farmers in the Mancheng district of Baoding, Hebei province, are busy picking persimmons, which have delivered a high yield this year. Known for its Mopan persimmons — named for their large size and millstone shape — Mancheng has planted about 2,800 hectares of the fruit.
Nov 1,2022
Taking a "bite of autumn" with watermelon
Start of Autumn, the 13th solar term of the year, falls on Aug. 7 this year. It is a local custom known as "biting autumn" to eat watermelon before the arrival of Start of Autumn, indicating the wish of sending away the scorching summer and welcoming the cool weather in Autumn.
Aug 3,2022
Sample tastes of Zhengding
Song’s Eight Great Bowls, traditional candy melon, Shaomai, fried liver, hot meatballs, Ma’s marinated chicken...can you guess where these local cuisines are from? Emily Francis, a foreigner from the United States leads you to find the answer.
Jun 22,2022
Mancheng Strawberry
Mancheng Strawberry, a local specialty in Mancheng District, Baoding City, Hebei Province was recognized as a national agricultural product geographical Indication product in 2016. The planting of Mancheng Strawberry began in 1953.
Jun 22,2022
Fucheng Manhe Watermelon
Fucheng County Township diffuse Hebei Watermelon town and countrymelon demonstration base of industrial technology system.Manhe watermelon production area is mainly sandy loam soil, the pH value of the soil is about 7.0, the soil is rich in available potassium, available copper, available iron, available manganese and other elements.
Jun 22,2022
Huanghua portunus
Huanghua is located by the southeast of Hebei Province,and has been known for its abundant fishery and salt resources since ancient times. It is the famous Changlu salt production area in the world.
Jun 22,2022
Mini-tour in Hebei | Locomotive Pedestrian Street
The Locomotive Pedestrian street is a food street converted from an old train in Shijiazhuang, Hebei Province, north China. Sit in the carriage to taste the delicious food of various countries, feel the beautiful collision of ancient and modern. Click on the video to learn more.
Jun 22,2022
Zhaoxian Crown Pear
Crown pear (Huang guan pear) is a famous agricultural product in Zhaoxian County. Crown pear is as big as palm, as sweet as honey, as crunchy as water chestnut. In ancient times, it was dedicated as a tribute to the emperial family every year.
Jun 22,2022
Tangshan puffer fish
Puffer fish, also called puffer fish, are rich in nutrients and have many functions such as reducing swelling, lowering blood pressure, eliminating stomach problems, restoring physical strength, and regulating the immune system. It is delicious and has game flavors. However, because the ovaries and liver are highly toxic, a little carelessness will lead to poisoning and death. Coming to Caofeid...
Jun 22,2022