Adrian Young: I want to help community with Covid testing work
Aug 29,2022 Great Wall New Media

In recent days, Adrian Young, a foreign English teacher from Shijiazhuang Foreign Language Education Group, volunteers to help Qingsan Community with Covid testing work in Shijiazhuang, the provincial capital of Hebei Province.

Adrian has been living in Shijiazhuang for three years after getting married with a local Chinese girl in the city. He said that he wanted to help the community with the Covid testing work because the neighbors had been so welcoming to him, and it felt like a good way to show his gratitude by volunteering for this task.

"I feel grateful for the opportunity and enjoyed the opportunity to connect more with people from my community, and I am very happy to be able to assist in any way possible with anti-epidemic prevention work. I hope that this can further help develop Shijiazhuang’s internationalisation, and help show the gratitude of the foreign community in Shijiazhuang towards our hosts, as well as building more mutual trust and friendship,” said Adrian.

With his Chinese being more fluent, Adrian said he made more friends in the city, which, in his eys, is witnessing rapid developement. 

"I enjoy life here. It's very convenient to go out. The scenic spots in Zhengding impressed me a lot. When the COVID-19 pandemic is over, I will visit there again," said Adrian.

Editor: Zheng Bai Song Lifang