China Buzzword丨Why is Duanwu: a dialogue that spans more than 2,000 years
Jun 9,2024 Great Wall New Media

A student from Thailand studying in China, Zhang Shanmei, told from her own experience the takeaways from China's Duanwu Festival (fifth day of the fifth lunar month) celebrations.

From her story, we've heard a dialogue back to more than 2,000 years ago: on Chinese patriotic poet Qu Yuan, on youth and on the value of life...That is what China's Duanwu culture has left in the heart of a foreign youth and a deep affection that is invoked in her.

Planner: Cao Zhaoyang

Coordinators: Kou Xuan, Zheng Bai

Choreographer-director: Kou Xuan

Camerman: Liu Zhicheng

Post-production Editor: Liu Zhicheng

Translator: Song Lifang

Special Thanks to: College of International Cultural Exchanges, Hebei Normal University

Editor: Zheng Bai