Kung Fu & Xiong'An
Apr 30,2024 Great Wall New Media

Chen Xiaoli, an uploader of the Great Wall International Communication Center and the Wushu champion of the 31st World University Games, demonstrates with natural and flowing styles and valiant and formidable movements the captivating charm of the Chinese kung fu that features complementation of dynamic and static movements and swift and graceful demeanors.

Behind her stands the unconventionally forced growing Xiong'an New Area, where there are both the passion of seizing the day and the determination in long-term and steadfast stable growth.

When Chinese kung fu meets the Xiong'an New Area, it strikes a chord of compatibility of traditional Chinese culture and modern development ideas, reinterpreting the millennial plan of national significance, matching knowledge with action, tempering force with grace and the enduring pursuit for excellence!

Supervising Producer: Wang Yuelu

Chief Producer: Shao Quan

Planner: Cao Zhaoyang

Coordinators: Kou Xuan, Zhang Menglin

Choreographer-director: Kou Xuan

Cinematographers: Li Wenpei, Liu Zhicheng

Post-production Editor: Liu Zhicheng

Script Translators: Zheng Bai, Song Lifang

Editor: Song Lifang