Poetic China | AI helps revive ancient poetic charm at Qingming Festival
Apr 3,2024 Great Wall New Media

Qingming, as one of the "24 solar terms", is a traditional ancestor worship festival. Literally meaning "clear and bright", Qingming heralds a season of rising temperature and increasing rainfall. As Qingming tomb-sweeping often takes place in suburban areas, it is often accompanied by such activities as outings, feasting and water sports, and many vivid scenes of Qingming Festival have been depicted in ancient Chinese poems.

In this episode of "Poetic China", five foreigners are invited to read Chinese poems on Qingming and a virtual anchor is also introduced to host the program. At the end of the video, you will find a song based on Chinese poem and automatically generated by Suno-AI. Please click the video to feel the charm of ancient Chinese poems.

Chief Planner: Wang Yuelu

Chief Supervisor: Shao Quan

Planner: Cao Zhaoyang

Choreographer-directors: Song Lifang, Li Wenpei, Zheng Bai

Script writers: Song Lifang, Wu Meng, Zhang Fengchi( Intern)

Coordinators: Yu Shuhong, Zhang Hongxiao, Niu Li, Guo Yitian

Co-produced by:

International Education College of Hebei Medical University

College of International Cultural Exchanges, Hebei Normal University

Editor: Song Lifang