Where is My Hometown 丨Home at Xigubu
Dec 12,2023 Great Wall New Media

What is the past and present of villages that have lived on for hundreds or even thousands of years and where will they go in the new era? Starting from today, the Great Wall New Media Group is to launch a micro-documentary series "Where is My Hometown". The film will bring you to these ancient villages where you may seek the homesickness deep in the memories, to hear the latest stories that have just happened, and to feel the brilliant China's excellent traditional culture that shines in the new era.

Yuxian under the administration of the city of Zhangjiakou, Hebei Province, is a county historically reputed as"having 800 village fortresses". Its salient feature is that wherever there is a village, there is a fortress and wherever there is a fortress, there is a village. The Xigubu Village, reputed for its strong ancient fortress, ancient residents, an ancient temple and a pagoda and an ancient theater stage – is the best preserved of all ancient villages in the area.

"An ancient fortress is a gate leading to history, and it presents an entirely different spiritual enjoyment in and outside the gate…" A visit to the village eight years ago made a couple, Architectural Designer Wan Quan and Advertising Agent Zhao Nannan, strike roots in the village. They threw themselves into rebuilding structures of the Ming (1368-1644) and Qing (1644-1911) dynasties, operated stylish guesthouses to receive tourists and created spaces for cultural development. During the eight years, they have been nourished by the ancient fortress culture and made the charm of traditional culture find its way into the hearts of more and more people.

Supervising Producer: Wang Yuelu

Chief Producer: Li Yao

Producers: Zhai Xin, Yang Jianmin, Ma Yong, Tong Yibing

Coordinators: Liu Jinyan, Wang Yanyu, Zhang Xiaoping

Choreographer-directors: Liu Jinyan, Sun Wenjuan, Wang Yating

Script Writer: Sun Wenjuan

Cinematographers: Wang Yating, Xi Feng

Editors: Wang Yating, Li Yalei

Script Translators: Song Lifang, Zhang Jingjing (Intern)

Acknowledgment: Thanks should go to the Publicity Department of the CPC Committee of Yuxian County

Cooperating Units:

The Zhangjiakou Platform for the website "Xuexi.cn"

The Yuxian Media Center

Produced by Great Wall New Media Group & Hebei Platform for the website "Xuexi.cn"

Editor: Song Lifang