Global Youth Tour of Hebei①丨A journey to vibrant industrial city -- Tangshan

Tangshan, an industrial city situated in the east of Hebei Province, not only carries rich historical and cultural heritages, but also is a modern metropolis full of vitality. Recently, two iHebei Overseas Communication Officers from Indonesia completed an amazing tour in Tangshan, where they enjoyed its beautiful scenery, tried local cuisine, learned its history of industrial development. What does the city impress them? Let's check it together!

总策划: 王悦路

Supervising Producer: Wang Yuelu总监制:李 遥

Chief Producer: Li Yao制片人:杨建民 张光明

Producers: Yang Jianmin, Zhang Guangming编 导:李文培 宋立芳

Choreographer-directors: Li Wenpei, Song Lifang拍 摄:赵博轩 张荣鹏

Cinematographers: Zhao Boxuan, Zhang Rongpeng剪 辑:王守一 康 宁

Editors: Wang Shouyi, Kang Ning字幕翻译:宋立芳 米雯婷(实习)

Script Translators: Song Lifang, Mi Wenting(Intern)文字校对:郑 白 李 石(实习)

Text proofreaders: Zheng Bai, Li Shi (Intern)指导单位 : 河北省委宣传部

Guiding Unit: Publicity Department of the CPC Hebei Provincial Committee鸣谢单位:唐山市委宣传部

Special Thanks to: Publicity Department of CPC Committee of Tangshan City


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