Shining Acrobatics in Hebei:① A Dazzling Journey to Acrobatics in Wuqiao
Oct 20,2023 Great Wall New Media

Acrobatics, originate from Jiao-Di opera to dance with accompaniment, and from many stars in the theatre to performing on the street. Back to a thousand years, acrobats and their artistic legacy have become a fascinating legend. From the ninety-nine to those who can just walk, Wuqiao people play acrobatics, everyone is good at it.

Wuqiao County is globally renowned as the one of birthplace of Chinese acrobatics, attracting tens of thousands of tourists to witness these exceptional acrobatic displays. Recently, Will from Nigeria ventured China's "hometown of acrobatics," enjoying a journey of exploration of oriental acrobatics.

Supervising Producer: Wang Yuelu

Chief Producer: Li Yao

Producers: Yang Jianmin, Zhang Jian

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Cinematographer: Zhao Boxuan, Li Wenpei

Editor: Wang Shouyi, Kang Ning

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