Fascinating Crafts in Hebei ⑨丨Mastering an ICH in Eight Minutes: Baiyangdian Reed Painting
Oct 20,2023 Great Wall New Media


Baiyangdian Reed painting, as a traditional folk handicraft in China, evolved from "reed mat", one of the reed-woven products in the Baiyangdian area during the Tang and Song dynasties. It is a typical traditional handicraft in this area. To locals, lake water is valuable as silver and reeds are as precious as gold. In 2009, Baiyangdian reed painting was inscribed on the list of provincial intangible cultural heritage in Hebei. It uses the unique color, luster and texture of reeds to express the lifestyle of the water town, such as casting nets to fish and riding boats to raise ducks. It has the beauty of natural materials. This episode "Baiyangdian Reed Painting" will enable you to enjoy the unique charm of this branch of art.

总监制:李 遥

Chief Supervisor and Producer: Li Yao

策 划:杨建民 张天虎

Planners: Yang Jianmin, Zhang Tianhu

统 筹:郑 白

Coordinator: Zheng Bai

编 导:宋立芳

Choreographer-director: Song Lifang

摄 像:王守一

Cameraman: Wang Shouyi

剪 辑:赵博轩

Editor: Zhao Boxuan

字幕翻译:宋立芳 李 石(实习)

Caption Translators: Song Lifang, Li Shi (Intern)

文字校对:郑 白 米雯婷(实习)

Script Proofreaders: Zheng Bai, Mi Wenting (Intern)

指导单位: 河北省委宣传部

Instructor Unit: the Publicity Department of the CPC Hebei Provincial Committee


Acknowledgment: Thanks should go to Hebei Baiyangdian Arts and Crafts Co., Ltd.

Editor: Mi Wenting (Intern)