Emily's Vlog | Some amazing moments I captured at CIDEE
Sep 7,2023 Great Wall New Media

长城网·冀云客户端讯(记者 赵博轩 李文培 宋立芳)9月6日,2023中国国际数字经济博览会在石家庄(正定)国际会展中心开幕。本届博览会主题为“工业互联网赋能千行百业 数字经济引领高质量发展”。让我们跟着iHebei海外传播官Emily一起到展会现场看看都有哪些精彩内容吧!

The China International Digital Economy Expo 2023 kicked off at the Shijiazhuang (Zhengding) International Convention and Exhibition Center on Sept.6. in Shijiazhuang, north China's Hebei Province. With theme of "Industrial Internet Empowering Various Industries, Digital Economy Leading High-Quality Development", the expo adheres to the unique innovative concept and strives to create a professional, exciting, and fruitful event in the field of digital economy. Let's follow Emily Francis, the iHebei Overseas Communication Officer to tour at the expo and find out the cutting-edge technology products there!

Editor: Song Lifang, Mi Wenting (Intern)