Fascinating Crafts in Hebei ⑤丨Mastering an ICH in eight minutes: Laoting Shadow Puppet Carving
Aug 23,2023 Great Wall New Media


The Laoting Shadow Puppetry, commonly known as Laoting Shadow Puppet Play, is originated in Laoting County, north China's Hebei Province. It is a genre of theatrical performing art that integrates folk fine art, folk music, folk dance, and folk storytelling. The libretto structures are used alternatively, well-proportioned without jittering, vivid and lively and rhythmic. It tells stories and unfolds the plot through the acting of the figures on the screen. In 2014, the Laoting Shadow Puppetry was inscribed into the fourth list of the National Intangible Cultural Heritage. It is rich and strong in local colors in terms of music, recitation, carving, and controlling of performance. This episode "Laoting Shadow Puppet Carving" will enable you to enjoy the unique charm of this branch of local arts.

总监制:李 遥

Chief Supervisor and Producer: Li Yao

策 划:杨建民

Planners: Yang Jianmin

统 筹:郑 白

Coordinator: Zheng Bai

编 导:李文培 宋立芳

Choreographer-directors: Li Wenpei, Song Lifang

摄 像:王守一 张荣鹏

Cameramen: Wang Shouyi, Zhang Rongpeng

剪 辑:赵博轩

Editor: Zhao Boxuan

字幕翻译:宋立芳 米雯婷(实习)

Caption Translators: Song Lifang, Mi Wenting (Intern)

文字校对:李文培 李石(实习)

Script Proofreaders: Li Wenpei, Li Shi (Intern)

指导单位: 河北省委宣传部

Instructor Unit: the Publicity Department of the CPC Hebei Provincial Committee


Acknowledgement: Thanks should go to the Laoting County Culture, Radio, TV and Tourism Bureau

Editor: Mi Wenting (Intern)