Beautiful Rural China ⑥丨A closer look at Dazhai Village in S China's Guangxi
Aug 15,2023 Discover Guangxi China

Dazhai Village, which is located in Guilin City, South China's Guangxi Zhuang Autonomous Region, was named as one of the Best Tourism Villages by the World Tourism Organization (UNWTO) in 2022. The rich culture and the magnificent terraced landscapes in Dazhai complement each other, showcasing the wisdom of adapting to local conditions and the harmony between humans and nature in traditional Chinese agrarian civilization.

For thousands of years, the continuous terraced fields have brought the people in Dazhai Village years of abundant harvests in spring and autumn. (Photo by Su Weijia)

The primal ecological culture and temperament are scattered across every corner of Dazhai Village, attracting countless visitors for its ancient and mysterious aesthetic appeal. (Photo by Su Weijia)

The contour lines crafted by the collaboration between these people and nature are hailed as the most beautiful curves on the Earth. Shown here is a panoramic view of these stunning curves. (Photo by Xie Yidan)

The villagers, who have a distinct fondness for the red color, have maintained the traditional customs of weaving, dyeing, embroidering, and making all by themselves. (Photo by Xie Yidan)

Editor: Song Lifang, Li Shi (Intern)