Beautiful Rural China ⑤丨Bird's-eye view of Hainan's Bochao Village Fishing Port

Bochao Bay (Photo Source: Hainan International Media Center)

Aerial photo of Bochao Fishing Village. (Photo Source: Hainan International Media Center)

Bochao Village, Guangcun Town, Danzhou City, in western Hainan, is located on a small peninsula that stretches into the Beibu Gulf on the easternmost section of the Danzhou coastline, across the water from Lingao's Xinying Town. This century-old fishing village is a transportation hub for coastal residents of Lingao and Danzhou.

Bochao Village has 3,102 residents, who mainly work in the fishing and aquaculture industries. A few people, who have transportation vessels, carry local specialties to Beihai, Zhanjiang, Haikou, and other ports, and bring bricks, pots, and other necessities back to Bochao.

Its unique geographical location has made Bochao Village a small natural fishing port, a perfect place for a fun fishing trip, heading out on the water for a thrilling fishing adventure, seeing flocks of egrets, going beach combing on the tidal flats, taking a sunset walking along the beach, or gathering around a bonfire for barbecue and making precious memories with your friends and families as you learn about the fishing culture of western Hainan.

Editor: Song Lifang, Li Shi (Intern)