Intangible Cultural Heritages around Great Wall① 丨 Scrap Leathersmiths, Far-out Travellers
Jul 10,2023 Great Wall New Media


The legacy of the Great Wall is not only the magnificent earth-and-stone structure that travels on mountain tops for ten thousand miles and the reverie that runs through thousand years but also the star-studded shining image of an intangible cultural heritage site.


Over 100 km southwest of Zhangjiakou lies a county named Yangyuan, which is the birthplace of the Chinese fur culture and the hometown of scrap leather craftsmen. Its scrap leather processing skills have been inscribed into the list of provincial level intangible cultural heritage. More than 500 years ago, scrap leathersmiths in Zhangjiakou, represented by scrap leathersmiths of Yangyuan, hit the road, starting from the Dajingmen or the Big Entry Door of the Great Wall and travelled northward all the way to Kuren in Mongolia, Chaktu in Russia...


Today, Generation Z of the Yangyuan scrap leathersmiths have creatively cut the fashionable scrap leather garments into a cultural symbol at the foot of the Great Wall, demonstrating the holy charm of oriental culture. Their scrap leather products are sold into over 20 countries and regions such as Russia, the United States, Germany, South Korea and Japan.

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