Farming Proverbs of China ①: If you work hard enough, gold will grow out of the land
May 17,2023 Great Wall New Media


Farming proverbs crystallize the experience and wisdom the laboring people of China have accumulated through years of nature observation and meticulous crop cultivation. It is a farming operation manual that has been passed down by word of mouth. Although one saying contains a few words, it has been worked thoroughly after numerous revisions and tells profound truth. For thousands of years, on this land, the Chinese laboring people have met and got to know each other and stood guard for one another and grown crops that they are proud of. They have explored ways for survival that conform to the law of nature. Farming proverbs are the testimony to the industrious labor of the sons and daughters of the Yellow Emperor and also the inheritance stories about the Chinese laboring people and the land they till.


Chief planner: Zhao Bing

总监制:邵荃 李遥

Chief supervisors: Shao Quan, Li Yao

策 划:于军涛 张霰 杨建民 董亚青 张健

Planners: Yu Juntao, Zhang Xian, Yang Jianmin, Dong Yaqing, Zhang Jian

统 筹:陈海虹 孙向向

Coordinators: Chen Haihong, Sun Xiangxiang

导 演:郭卉 弓幸民 康宁

Directors: Guo Hui, Gong Xingmin, Kang Ning

文 案:弓幸民 郭卉

Script writers: Gong Xingmin, Guo Hui

翻 译:郑白 宋立芳 李文培

Script translators: Zheng Bai, Song Lifang, Li Wenpei

校 对:李石(实习)米雯婷(实习)

Text proofreaders: Li Shi (Intern), Mi Wenting (Intern)

后 期:曹茜 寇瑄

Post-production Editors: Cao Qian, Kou Xuan

摄 像:刘佩尧

Cameraman: Liu Peiyao

海 报:孙向向 孟阳

Poster makers: Sun Xiangxiang, Meng Yang

鸣 谢:中共成安县委宣传部

Acknowledgement: Thanks should go to the Publicity Department of the CPC Cheng'an County Committee

Editor: Song Lifang