Seeing is Believing: Feel the charm of Tai Ji Quan in Handan
Apr 24,2023 Great Wall New Media


Tai Ji Quan is executed by the vital energy that is moving throughout the body under the guidance of the willpower. Life knows no bounds and it is in Tai Ji Quan that the ultimate ways lie.

Tai Ji Quan or Tai Ji Boxing, a brilliant pearl of the Chinese culture, was inscribed into the UNESCO representative intangible cultural heritage list on December 17, 2020. At present, people from more than 150 countries and regions are doing Tai Ji Quan and more than 300 million people around the world are learning the fine traditional Chinese culture by doing Tai Ji Quan.


There are many schools of Tai Ji Quan in China. They include Yang, Chen, Sun, Wu, Wu Dang, and Zhao Bao. The Yang School is the most popular and much learned by fans in the world. It was created by the Yang family in the Ancient Town of Guangfu, in the Yongnian District, Handan City, Hebei Province. There, people can be seen doing Tai Ji Quan everywhere in town, at schools, and in parks…It has become the most appealing symbol of culture in Guangfu.


An avid lover of Tai Ji Quan is Shaun Corne Collen, an overseas communication officer of the website "". He came to learn the sport after watching the classic Chinese movie "Tai Ji Zhang Sanfeng" in Chinese, which was translated as "Tai-Chi Master" starred by Jet Li. Hearing that the successor to the Yang School of Tai Ji Quan is teaching at the former residence of Yang luchan who created the Yang School of Tai Ji Quan, he was eager to go there. Let's follow his footsteps, learn from the master, and feel the unique charm of Tai Ji Quan.

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总监制:李 遥

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策 划:贾 芳 杨建民 董亚青

Planners: Jia Fang, Yang Jianmin, Dong Yaqing

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Coordinator: Zheng Bai

编 导:李文培 宋立芳 武 萌

Editors and directors: Li Wenpei, Song Lifang, Wu Meng

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Cameramen: Wang Shouyi, Zhang Rongpeng

剪 辑:赵博轩

Editor: Zhao Boxuan

字幕翻译:李文培 宋立芳 沙旭凡(实习)

Caption Translators: Li Wenpei, Song Lifang, Sha Xufan (Intern)

文字校对:李 石(实习)米雯婷(实习)

Script proofreaders: Li Shi (Intern) Mi Wenting (Intern)


Post-production Assistant: Dong Chuanjian (Intern)

指导单位: 河北省委宣传部

Instructor Unit: the Publicity Department of the CPC Hebei Provincial Committee



Our heart-felt thanks should go to the publicity department of the CPC Yongnian District Committee, the Taijiquan Association of the Yongnian District, the Tai Ji Culture School of Handan University, and the Ancient Town of Guangfu in Handan.