Visit Freezing Wonderland in Chongli丨③A Bite of Delicacy

美食也是旅游的一张亮丽名片。崇礼,这座闻名遐迩的“冬奥小城”, 不仅是滑雪“发烧友”的绝佳宝地,同样也是吃货们的美食天堂。走在街道上,可以看到各式各样的门店招牌,集合了全球各式的美味佳肴,让人味蕾大动。

Food has always been a beautiful card of tourism. Chongli, a district of Beijing 2022 co-host city Zhangjiakou, is not only a great place for ski enthusiasts, but also a paradise for foodies. Walking on the streets, you can see various restaurants and cafes offering a collection of global delicacies, which will absolutely arouse your appetite.


Adrian Young also loves Chinese food. When coming to Zhangjiakou whose jurisdiction covers Chongli, he chose to taste the local specialty --Youmian Wowo which is actually a traditional cuisine made with hulless oat, tried the hot pot and took a break in the cafe. In addition, he also found two masters, ready to learn how to make Youmian Wowo. How does the food he made look like? Let's have a look.

总策划: 张 才 赵 兵 丁 伟

Supervising Producers: Zhang Cai, Zhao Bing, Ding Wei

总监制:王荣丽 李 遥

Chief Producers: Wang Rongli, Li Yao

策 划:贾 芳 张 哲 杨建民 林 康 刘世柠 韩 琳

Producers: Jia Fang, Zhang Zhe, Yang Jianmin, Lin Kang, Liu Shining, Han Lin

监 制:贾 洋 郑 白

Executive Producers: Jia Yang, Zheng Bai

编 导:李文培 宋立芳

Choreographer-directors: Li Wenpei, Song Lifang

拍 摄:王守一

Cinematographer: Wang Shouyi

剪 辑:赵博轩

Editor: Zhao Boxuan


Script Translator: Song Lifang

指导单位: 河北省文化和旅游厅

Guiding Unit: Hebei Provincial Department of Culture and Tourism

鸣谢单位:崇礼区委宣传部 崇礼区融媒体中心

Special Thanks to: Publicity Department of the CPC Chongli District Committee, Convergence Media Center of Chongli District

Editor: Li Wenpei