Visit Freezing Wonderland in Chongli丨① Exploring Olympic Venues
Feb 8,2023 Great Wall New Media

2月4日晚, 在北京2022年冬奥会开幕一周年之际,崇礼,这座迷人的冰雪小城,再度被浓厚的冬奥氛围渲染。飞舞的雪花灯,可爱的“冰墩墩”“雪容融”唤起人们对一年前北京冬奥会开幕时的美好回忆。



On February 4, China marked the one-year anniversary of the 2022 Beijing Olympic Winter Games. Chongli, a district of Beijing 2022 co-host city Zhangjiakou, has launched a series of activities to share people's fond memory of this event and inspire their aspiration to participate in winter sports.

At the moment to commemorate this magnificent event, an exhibition on ice and snow sculptures was held in Chongli Olympic Park and a light show was staged every night in the National Ski Jumping Center and these all bring great fun of winter sports to visitors.

As Chongli is becoming more and more famous overseas, an increasing number of foreign tourists would like to go to Chongli for travel and skiing. In the meantime, Chongli has been ready to welcome winter sports enthusiasts, many of whom long to experience the Olympic venues themselves.

As a lover of Chinese culture and a fan of ski sport, Adrian Young has long planned to visit Chongli and have a personal feeling of the Chinese-style "Winter Olympic Experience". Hearing that Chongli had opened its three Olympic venues and the Olympic village to visitors for free, he recently went there and introduced the sublime scenery to the audience in his unique way.

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总监制:王荣丽 李 遥 贾 芳

Chief Producers: Wang Rongli, Li Yao, Jia Fang

策 划:张 哲 杨建民 韩 琳 林 康

Producers: Zhang Zhe, Yang Jianmin, Han Lin, Lin Kang

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Executive Producers: Zheng Bai, Jia Yang

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Cinematographer: Wang Shouyi

剪 辑:赵博轩

Editor: Zhao Boxuan


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Guiding Unit: Hebei Provincial Department of Culture and Tourism

鸣谢单位:崇礼区委宣传部 张家口奥体体育文化有限公司

Special Thanks to: Publicity Department of the CPC Chongli District Committee, Zhangjiakou Olympic Sports Culture Co., Ltd.