A group of "nouns" outline new blueprint for high-quality development in Lubei District, Tangshan City
Oct 27,2022 Great Wall New Media





This year, the Lubei District of Tangshan City continues to deepen the development strategy of "Developing the West, Renovating the East, and Optimizing the central areas", promoting the high-quality development of the whole district, and striving to take the heavy responsibility and play a leading role in the city's accelerated development.

"Developing the West" means that with the construction Tangshan New Town and the Western Economic Development Zone, it will make every effort to build Tangshan's "city portal", a carrier of Beijing-Tianjin-Hebei coordinated development, and a demonstration area for industrial transformation and upgrading. The Western Economic Development Zone accelerates the construction of the central business district, carries out extensive cooperation with central government-owned enterprises and Beijing enterprises, and makes every effort to build the Beijing-Tianjin-Hebei regional headquarters.

"Renovating the East" means that relying on the opportunity of old industries to relocate from the city, disposal of idle assets directly under the municipality, and renovation and upgrading of old communities, it will build a new engine for the development of the eastern part of the city with renewal, remodeling, and charming transformation. By bringing together modern fashion, entertainment and leisure, green health and other elements, it will promote the construction of new consumption scenarios, reshape the natural landscape of "four mountains and two rivers", integrate industrial historical and cultural resources such as ceramics, steel, and cement, and integrate industrial Internet, big data, creative design and other emerging industry elements to achieve multi-industry coordinated development.

"Optimizing the central areas" focuses on optimizing and improving the existing building economy in Lubei District, insists on revitalizing, increasing efficiency and transformation so as to build a healthy development ecosystem of the building economy, develop emerging business forms and urban "night economy", and stimulate urban vitality. With such attempts, it is to achieve stronger functions, industrial renewal, better layout and higher quality in the central area of the city, and build a new economic highland in the central city.

Editor: Song Lifang