Investment Project丨Sino-Czech Industrial Park Settlement Project of Handan Economic and Technological Development Zone


项目地点: 河北省邯郸经济技术开发区中捷产业园内

投资方式: 独资、合资、合作

联系方式::那旭东 +8615188866000


Project name: Sino-Czech Industrial Park Settlement Project of Handan Economic and Technological Development Zone

Project location: Sino-Czech Industrial Park, Handan Economic and Technological Development Zone, Hebei Province, China

Investment mode: Sole proprietorship, joint venture, cooperation

Contact information: Na Xudong +8615188866000

Project Content: The total investment of the project is USD 158 million and the proposed foreign investment is USD 50 million. The Sino-Czech Industrial Park is invested and constructed by Hebei Czech Purui Industrial Automation Technology Co., Ltd. The project is mainly based on Czech high-end equipment manufacturing, environmental protection equipment, new materials and other high-tech manufacturing projects, and will gradually become the R&D and production base of the Czech advanced manufacturing industry in China. The first phase of the industrial park, with an investment of 600 million yuan and an area of 200 mu, will mainly build small craft beer equipment production, integrated sewage treatment equipment production, organic volatile matter monitor R&D and production, gas monitor R&D and production, water quality online monitoring instrument production and other projects. The next phase is intended to focus on the introduction of domestic and foreign industrial projects involving high-end white household appliances, high-end equipment manufacturing, new energy, new materials and other industries into the park and can provide customized plant services for the projects to be settled.

Editor: Li Wenpei