Investment Project丨Yue'ai New Town entity development, Handan Economy and Technology Development Zone




联系方式:那旭东 +8615188866000


Project name: Overall development of the Yue’ai New Town, HETZ

Project location: Handan Economic and Technological Development District, Hebei Province

Investment mode: Joint venture, cooperation

Contact information: Na Xudong +8615188866000

Project Content: The total investment is USD 1.58 billion, with 100 million planned to be used as foreign investment. The Yue’ai New Town is located in the eastern part of the development zone and the area planned for development is 16 square kilometers. The project will focus on the comprehensive control of the circulating loop of the Yue’ai Lake water to create an ecological green corridor with clear water and green banks and at the same time create three centers for commerce, business and RD in the planned area, organically integrate four areas, namely block area, residential area, school area and park area to create a diversified and mixed innovative urban area. With the Suzhou Industrial Park as the benchmark and leapfrog upgrade of the environment and industries as the objectives, the new urban area will be divided into clear functional areas to stimulate the integration among industries and between industry and town, and scenic areas and the town, making the HETZ a new industrial city with highly concentrated industries, sound functions and a beautiful ecology and environment.

Editor: Li Wenpei