Investment Project丨Urban Organic Update Project, Start-up Area of Handan Economic and Technological Development Zone (HETZ)




联系方式:那旭东 +8615188866000


Project name: Urban Organic Update Project, startup area, HETZ

Project location: HETZ, Hebei Province

Investment mode: Joint venture, cooperation

Contact information: Na Xudong +8615188866000

Project Content: The total investment is USD 73 million, with 5 million planned to be used as foreign investment. The progress in the east new areas of Handan has brought about fundamental changes in the positioning for the 3.5 square meters of startup area, with the focus of development redefined as creative science and culture, digital economy and productive services. In order to eliminate the existing backward production capacity in the start-up area and accelerate the pace of restructuring, transformation and upgrading of the regional industry, HETZ has started the organic update action in the start-up area, including the efforts of bringing to perfection the infrastructure in the start-up area, optimizing the distribution of regional functions  and facelifting the regional image and taste, scientifically determining nature of land use in the organic update blocks to further release the land value and increase the land carrying capacity so as to achieve the goal of the transition and upgrading of enterprises in the development zone and high-quality development of the regional economy.

Editor: Li Wenpei