Hebei Stories:Seeing is believing②丨Vibrant life in ancient town


Zhengding ancient town is located 15 kilometers in the north of Shijiazhuang City. In history, Baoding, Beijing, Zhengding used to be named as three leading towns in northern China. Currently the historical relics and exquisite shops here have turned the town into a center combined with various cultures and modern trends.


In recent years, along with the efforts for protection of the ancient town and construction of the county, Zhengding, the thousand-year-old town has become more charming than before as it is equipped with more convenient infrastructures and more modernized services. Zhengding attracts tourists not only from Shijiazhuang but also from Beijing, Tianjin and other places from Hebei Province.



Today, follow Emily, the iHebei Overseas Communication Officer, let's go to visit Zhengding to take a closer good at the vibrant life in the ancient town and how the town is developed with combination of history and modern fashions.

监 制:李 遥 贾 芳

策 划:杨建民

编 导:李文培 郑 白 宋立芳

摄 像:李文培

制 作:李文培

出镜嘉宾:Emily Francis

Editor: Li Wenpei