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Rehe Hot Spring International Health Resort Project

I. Project Content And Scale: The project is located in Qijia Town, Longhua County. Relying on the cultural tourism resources of Qijia Town and Maojingba Town, such as hot springs, forests, farmland, rivers, etc., the project will build a "Rehe Hot Springs National Health Tourism Resort". Through the creation of a tourism oriented land comprehensive development model (TOLD) and a cultural and creative tourism complex (CTC), the project will release the land value and innovate the management model. Through the spatial planning of “three towns and nine districts”, it will assemble hundreds of billions of investment to design hundreds of high-quality tourism projects in order to build a trinity project of "one axis, three towns and nine districts" for ecology, culture and tourism.

II. Investment Estimation and Source Of Funds: The preliminary estimated total investment of the project is US $1.6 billion.

III. Market Analysis: The development prospect is broad and the potential development value is huge. At present, there are 4 forest hot spring enterprises above designated size in operation, more than 40 provincial and municipal rural hotels and rural tourism demonstration households, and 8 enterprises with investment exceeding 100 million yuan which are under construction or have signed contracts. A forest hot spring tourist resort integrating hot spring health preservation, tourism, leisure and elderly care has basically taken shape.

IV. Economic Benefit Analysis: The surrounding Chengde Summer Resort (5A scenic spot), Maojingba National Forest Park (3A scenic spot), Chifeng Karachin Banner Palace Museum (4A scenic spot) and other tourist attractions have high concentration and sufficient tourist sources, with nearly 3 million annual transit tourists, and the economic and social benefits of the project construction are obvious.

V.Construction Conditions: The project is located at the node of Beijing-Chengde-Chifeng and Chengde-Weichang expressways, 50km away from Longhua County, 60km away from Chengde City, 110km away from Chifeng City and 260km away from Beijing. Maojingba National Nature Reserve and Maojingba National Forest Park are located in this area, with a total area of 3,745 hectares and a forested area of 2,996 hectares, with a forest coverage rate of 90%. A large area of primary secondary forest grows in the park, and the environment is beautiful in all seasons, which is known as a natural oxygen bar. Geothermal (hot spring) resources are rich, fluorine, monosilicic acid, radon content have reached the named concentration of physiotherapy hot mine water. The hot spring water temperature is above 80℃, and the highest temperature is as high as 98℃.

VI. Overview of Chinese organizers: Longhua State Controlled Investment Group Co., Ltd. is a county-owned state-owned enterprise approved by the county Party Committee and government, with a registered capital of 2 billion yuan, formerly known as Longhua State Controlled Asset Operation Co., Ltd. established in December 2015. Scope: Investment and asset management activities; To operate or manage wholly state-owned or state-owned holding (shareholding) limited companies owned by the county government, party and government organs directly owned by the county and public institutions; To develop and manage land, forestry, mineral resources, geothermal and water resources within the county as authorized by the county government; Real estate development and management; House leasing (FOR projects subject to approval according to law, business activities can only be carried out after approval by relevant departments).

VII. Way of Cooperation: Joint venture, sole proprietorship or other modes

VIII. Contact Information:

Unit: Development and Reform Bureau of Longhua County

Contact And Position: Yu Funian, deputy director of Longhua County Development and Reform Bureau

Song Lingling, director of Investment Promotion Office of Longhua County Development and Reform Bureau

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