Tourism industry boosted by acrobatics in Wuqiao
Aug 16,2022 Great Wall New Media

When Beijing-Hangzhou Grand Canal enters Cangzhou from the south to the north, the first county it goes through is Wuqiao. The ancient canal, stretching for 34.8 kilometers, runs through Wuqiao County, which is endowed with the charm of "Cradle of Acrobatics".

Historically, in spring and winter, farmers from Wuqiao often perform in the street to make a living along the Grand Canal. With "Cradle of Acrobatics" becoming the golden brand of Wuqiao County, local government has been fully implementing the strategy of “rejuvenating the county with acrobatics”. Acrobatic culture and Grand Canal culture have been integrated into the whole process of tourism industry development of Wuqiao, which promotes the industrialization of acrobatic culture and tourism development.

Editor: Song Lifang