Hebei Museum ushers in "Panda Era"
Jul 4,2022 CGTN

"The Panda Era - Revealing the Past and Present of Giant Pandas," co-sponsored by the Hebei Museum and Chongqing Nature Museum, was launched last Thursday at the Hebei Museum.

The exhibition tells the story of giant pandas from their past lives, clan genealogy, the road to conservation, and international exchange, using "Giant Panda Stories" "Giant Panda Mysteries" "Giant Panda Evolution" and "Giant Panda Protection" as narrative clues.

The exhibition is free for public visits and will be on display until October 10.

The exhibition combines habitat simulation, multimedia three-dimensional images, and installation art to lead visitors to chase the evolutionary trajectory of giant pandas and promote the latest achievements in protecting them.

The biggest highlight of the exhibition is the appearance of the Chongqing Nature Museum collection. For example, the giant panda "Xinnier," which welcomes everyone at the entrance of the exhibition hall, is the world's first set of plastinated specimens of giant pandas.

Simulated habitat restoration scenes and installation art of three themes create an atmosphere of science and art for the exhibition.

Multimedia games such as "100 Questions of Panda" and "Panda Puzzle" effectively output vivid and easy-to-understand biological knowledge in the process of entertainment.

Editor: Song Lifang