Decoding the Culture Genes of China: Diabolo Playing
Jun 22,2022

Have you seen people playing diabolo? Also known as ringing calabash, diabolo is a traditional Chinese folk toy. People shake the string to make diabolo rotate at a high speed, which creates a buzzing sound. Listen, someone is playing diabolo!

Diabolo used to be made of bamboo and wood, but now it is mostly made of plastic. Diabolo has a long history of more than 600 years in China, and it was popular with people of all ages, both royal families and common folks.

Diabolo is disc-shaped and has a wooden shaft in it. There are two kinds of diabolo, one with one wheel and the other with double wheels. Playing diabolo is not difficult to learn. Tie both ends of a cotton rope to the shaking rod, wrap the cotton rope around the diabolo shaft one or two times and practice several times to shake diabolo. But it is not easy to be a good diabolo player. Winding, swinging, spinning, stretching, lifting and tossing are the six basic ways of playing diabolo, which can develop into over a hundred complex ways of playing the toy. One who is good at it can play diabolo with dazzling skills and leave spectators deeply impressed.

Today diabolo playing is popular across the country. In China's parks and open public places, one can see many peop.


Editor:Li Wenpei