Decoding the Culture Genes of China: Anxi Bamboo and Rattan Weaving
Jun 22,2022

Chinese people love bamboo, Chinese literati wrote many poems for bamboo.

This Chinese traditional craft - Weaving bamboo and rattan into various fine tools, turning bamboo intoaconstant companion.

Anxi County has a long history of this craft, which dates back to the 10th – 14th century. People made bamboo and rattan into agricultural tools, tea sets and other necessities.such as bamboo box, dustpan and steamers.

The main raw materials are bamboo, wood and various types of rattan.

The vertical lines,called "warp", and the horizontal lines,called "weft", are intertwined and crisscrossed through flat or 3D weaving techniques, either densely or sparsely woven.

The lines can be made intovarious patterns.

Look at this Vase,

It is woven of paper-thin bamboo strips.

The elegant structure and detailed 3D patternfully reflect beautiful, and practical features of this art.

For thousands of years, thiscraft has been making breakthroughs and innovations.

It becomes a local pillar industry, and continues to flourish today.


Editor:Li Wenpei