Decoding the Culture Genes of China: Tai Chi Quan
Jun 22,2022

Leaping over rooftops and walking up walls. Swiftness is the key to all but one martial art - "Tai Chi Chuan", which seems to slow every motion down.

Focusing on mind-cultivation, Tai Chi Chuan seeks to take the quiet approach and seize the momentum. The soft and light moves combine movement with stillness, imagination with reality. Stand still to accumulate internal force; and push hands to exude soft-firm strength. Regular practice also helps with mind and body building.

Tai Chi Quan has a long history and rich cultural heritage. According to the ancient book, "Tai" means great, and "Chi" means the beginning and apex. "Tai Chi" is the supreme source of all things. The combination of boxing and Tai Chi theory gradually formed Tai Chi Quan.

There are countless legends and folklores about Tai Chi Quan in China. In one popular Wuxia novel, Tai Chi master Zhang Sanfeng, told his disciples not to stick to the moves.

As long as you understand the essence, he said, a random attack could be self-contained. Winning with no fixed moves embodies the philosophy of Chinese martial arts.

Tai Chi Quan pursues the great harmony between man and nature. Each push or pull exhibits a calm and tranquil air; and each move or style is an endless life experience. Let's follow the Tai Chi master to relax our mind and body, and feel the charm of Tai Chi Quan.


Editor: Song Lifang