Decoding the Culture Genes of China: Beijing jade carving
Jun 22,2022

Chinese people have been fond of jade since ancient times.

The jade culture has a history of8,000 years.

Jade carving is developed from jade ware.

In the 17th century(Qing Dynasty), southern craftsmen came to Beijing, thus the Beijing jade carving gathered the strengths of the north and south, absorbing skills in the imperialcourt.

Various types of jade are used in Beijing Jade carving,includingHetian jade, jadeite and agate.

Skilled craftsmen know how to create distinctive treasures based on the original shape, color, texture of the jade.

Lifelike characters, flowers, birds, beasts, unique jewelry, utensils, bonsai, and potted flowers.

The jade carving techniques vary from subject to subject.

Jade carving not only has aesthetic value,

The intellectuals have injected rich cultural connotationsinto jade.

As the ancient Chinese saying goes, "A jade without polishing is useless."

Only after polishing, can there be this exquisite jade carving,

Only through trials, can a person grow and flourish.

The character of “gentle as jade” has been deeply integrated into Chinese souls, Constitutingthe splendid Chinese culture.


Editor:Li Wenpei