Decoding the Culture Genes of China: Miao Embroidery
Jun 22,2022

Can you imagine a butterfly with a human face? Or a Chinese dragon with a fish tail?

Such creative combinations occur in Miao embroidery.

The Miao are one of China's ethnic groups, famous for their craftsmanship.

Legend has it that a Miao heroine namedLanjuan, embroidered pictures on her clothing as a way to record her people’s migration routes.

She marked different landmarks with different colored threads, and at the end of the journey, her dress was covered in beautiful intricate embroidery.

Today, the embroidery ismainly used to adorn a Miao lady’s ceremonial costume, such as her wedding dress.

In Miao embroidery, nature motifs such as butterflies, birds, fish and flowers, frequently appear.

In Miao mythology, the creator of all living things is the Butterfly Mother.So, butterflies are often depicted in Miao embroidery.

The Chinese dragon, a totem of Chinese nation,representing majesty and authority, also appears in Miao embroidery.

The dragonwith Miao characteristics combines the bull's head, the body with fish scales and the eagle's claws in an unconventional way,looking more approachable and adorable.

As one of China's state-level intangible cultural heritage items, Miao embroidery is filled with the Miao ladies’imagination and creativity.


Editor:Li Wenpei