Jun 22,2022 Great Wall New Media

Handan is a located in southwest of Hebei province. It borders Xingtai on the north, and the provinces of Shanxi on the west, Henan on the south and Shandong on the east.

As a famous historical and cultural city, Handan enjoys both ancient civilization and modern character. Throughout the city's long history, it contributed significantly to Chinese culture, serving as the capital of State of Zhao, was northern China's political, economic and cultural center. Handan is designated as one of China's mational famous historical and cultural cities.

The profound historic foundation, plentiful cultural details and complex landforms provide Handan with a special variety of tourist resources.

Handan is hailed as the capital of Chinese idioms. As a prosperous city and cultural center during the Warring States period, Handan attracted many scholars. Over 1,500 idioms and proverbs are attributed to the city.

You are warmly welcome to visit Handan, an old city with thousands of years of history.

Editor: Song Lifang