Jun 22,2022 Great Wall New Media

Cangzhou, located in the southeast part of Hebei Province, is 240 kilometers south of Beijing and 120 kilometers south of Tianjin.

Cangzhou gained its name from its close proximity to the Bohai Sea. It was said to be one of main sources of the ancient legend that Pangu separated the sky from earth. Historically, successive dynasties had set up counties in this area. The famous Grand Canal zigzagged 220 kilometers through the territory of this city. These associations have left the city an abundance of culture and a large number of historical relics.

Cangzhou is famous as the hometown of Chinese Kung Fu and acrobatics, hometown of acrobatics, hometown of casting, hometown of Golden-Thread Dates, hometown of Ya Pear.

The cultural industry is an important pillar of local economy. In Wuqiao County, many acrobatics used to perform at temple fairs such as rotating a huge vat by using legs, animal performances, puppet shows. With a long and robust history of acrobatics, the county has revived this heritage and made a strong return to the performance industry.

Editor: Song Lifang