Jun 22,2022 Great Wall New Media

Tangshan city is located in the east of Hebei Province, bordering the Bohai Sea to the south, Yanshan Mountain to the north, Beijing and Tianjin to the west. It is about 154 kilometers from Beijing.

Tangshan has a long history, with ancient humans living in the area as early as 4,000 years ago. Tangshan is an important heavy industrial city in North China. Its output include machinery, motor vehicles, chemicals, textiles, glass, petroleum products, and cement. Even today, Tangshan is a hub of steel, energy, chemical, and ceramics production.

Tangshan is also a city with rich cultural heritages. Apart from shadow puppetry, willow knitting crafts, visitors can find many historical and cultural relics here, such as the Eastern Qing Mausoleum and the Great Wall under Water.

Editor: Song Lifang