Jun 22,2022 Great Wall New Media

Shijiazhuang City is situated in the south central Hebei Province, adjacent to Hengshui in the east, Xingtai in the south, Yangquan (Shanxi Province) in the west and Baoding in the north.

With complete industrial departments, Shijiazhuang City has formed a comprehensive industrial structure with a reasonable layout based on textile, medicine, electronics, machinery, chemicals, building materials and light industry. As “Chinese Medicine Capital”, its overall strength of pharmaceutical industry ranks first in China.

As the economic, political, cultural and scientific center of Hebei Province, Shijiazhuang is becoming more and more beautiful with recent urban development. Although it is a relatively young city, it is located on fertile land that boasts splendid cultural history. It is home to many significant cultural relics. Zhaozhou Bridge, Tuoliang Mountain, Zhangshi Cliff, Hebei Museum have attracted visitors from all over China and the world.

Editor: Song Lifang