Ecological tourism enriches local villagers in north China county
Jun 22,2022 Great Wall New Media

Tourists take a walk in rape flower fields in Tiangangzhixing Village.

In early summer, the beautiful rape flower fields have drawn numerous tourists to spend their leisure time in Tiangangzhixing Village in Yixian County of north China's Hebei Province.

It is a vivid manifestation of tourism development in the county.

Yixian County is famous for its abundant mountain and river resources. Many local villagers turned their idle houses and yards into art centers, lecture halls and reception rooms in a bid to develop tourism and push forward rural revitalization.

"Today I've come here with my friends to enjoy the scenery of flowers, butterflies and birds. The clean air and peaceful life here have relieved my pressure,"said Ms Lu, a tourist.

In recent years, Yixian County has developed a batch of resort villages by combining rural revitalization with ecological tourism. Many villages which used to be poor and remote have undergone great changes and embarked on the road of getting richer.

Editor: Song Lifang