Fishing season for white-leg shrimps opens in Caofeidian
Caofeidian district in Tangshan, North China's Hebei province has recently ushered in a fishing season for white-leg shrimps, which are raised using brine from the salt fields in the district. Over the past few years, the district has made full use of its abundant resources of salt fields and brine to develop the cultivation of the shrimps, known for their high tolerance to saline conditions. ...
Oct 23,2023
Deals of 8 projects with 8.02 billion yuan investment inked by Zhangjiakou City at CIDEE
Contracts for eight projects with a total investment of 8.02 billion yuan (about $1.10 billion) were signed by Zhangjiakou city at the "China Digital Dam" Zhangjiakou Big Data Industry Matchmaking Conference, which was held on Tuesday in Zhengding, Hebei province.
Sep 7,2023
China International Digital Economy Expo 2023 kicks off in Shijiazhuang, Hebei Province
The China International Digital Economy Expo 2023 kicked off on Sept.6 at the Shijiazhuang (Zhengding) International Convention and Exhibition Center in Shijiazhuang, north China's Hebei Province.
Sep 7,2023
GWM expands presence in ASEAN countries
Great Wall Motor has entered Indonesia, one of the largest markets in Southeast Asia, as the largest SUV and pickup truck maker in China revs up its global expansion.
Aug 31,2023
Bilingual vlog丨China Forum on International Ecological Competitiveness 2023
On the morning of August 23rd, the press conference of China Forum on International Ecological Competitiveness 2023 was held in Chengde City, Hebei Province.
Aug 24,2023
China's marine economy GDP exceeds 9t yuan
The gross domestic product of China's marine economy, which covers industries ranging from navigation and fishery to shipbuilding, exceeded 9 trillion yuan ($1.25 trillion) in 2022, according to the ministry of transport on Tuesday.
Jul 20,2023
Manufacturing sector needs restorative shot in the arm
With the decrease of orders, regions such as the Pearl River Delta and the Yangtze River Delta that have been the country's major growth engines and which used to gain advantages by relying on scale effect will face greater competitive pressure.
Jun 29,2023
Strategic seniors make niche travels popular in aging society
Elderly consumers in China are venturing out again following the optimization of COVID-19 response measures, seeking high-quality travel experiences and strategically opting to go on trips on regular days rather than during holidays, thus helping stagger holiday crowds, industry observers said.
Jun 24,2023
China·Langfang Int'l Economic and Trade Fair in foreigners' eyes
2023 China·Langfang International Economic and Trade Fair is held from June 16 to 21 at the Langfang International Convention and Exhibition Center in north China's Hebei Province.
Jun 19,2023
Foreign guests impressed by development of China at China·Langfang Int'l Economic & Trade Fair
2023 China·Langfang International Economic and Trade Fair, jointly organized by China's Ministry of Commerce, the General Administration of Customs, and the People's Government of Hebei Province, is now being held in Langfang City, north China's Hebei Province.
Jun 19,2023
International trade fair kicks off in Hebei
An international economic and trade fair kicked off on Friday in Langfang, Hebei province, committed to display state-of-the-art trade logistics and cross-border trade chains, according to the fair's official website.
Jun 18,2023
China-Europe freight train leaves for Minsk upon Belarus ambassador's gong striking
A China-Europe freight train departed from the Shijiazhuang International Land Port for Minsk, capital of Belarus, on June 17 when Belarus Ambassador to China Yuri Senko stroke a gong at the ongoing China Langfang International Economic and Trade Fair.
Jun 18,2023
Collen's Vlog | Explore the logistic industries in China·Langfang Int'l Economic and Trade Fair
The China·Langfang International Economic and Trade Fair is held for June 16 - 21 in Langfang with the theme of “co-build a major national base of modern trade and logistics and co-promote Beijing-Tianjin-Hebei coordinated development”.
Jun 18,2023
Hebei Province is embracing the world
The China·Langfang International Economic and Trade Fair is held for June 16 - 21 in Langfang with the theme of “co-build a major national base of modern trade and logistics and co-promote Beijing-Tianjin-Hebei coordinated development”. Click on the video to get the latest development of Hebei.
Jun 17,2023
A glimpse of Hebei Pavilion at coming China Langfang Int'l Economic & Trade Fair
The China-Langfang International Economic and Trade Fair is scheduled for June 16 - 21. Click on the video to take a closer look at the Hebei Pavalion with the theme "strive to write a brilliant chapter of Hebei on the Chinese path to modernization".
Jun 16,2023
China's Hebei sees foreign trade up 17.9 pct in Jan-April
North China's Hebei Province saw its foreign trade reach 193.41 billion yuan (about 27.49 billion U.S. dollars) in the first four months of 2023, up 17.9 percent year on year, according to local customs.
May 24,2023
Beijing, Tianjin, Hebei sign agreement on port cooperation
May 24,2023
China's non-ferrous metal industry reports rapid growth in Q1
China's non-ferrous metal sector logged rapid expansion in production in the first quarter of 2023
May 6,2023
New China-Europe freight train route links north China city with Tashkent
A freight train left Langfang City in north China's Hebei Province on Friday morning, bound for Tashkent, the capital of Uzbekistan, marking the opening of a new China-Europe freight train route.
Apr 29,2023
China, Kazakhstan open new chapter of partnership
Kazakhstan will continue following a balanced, constructive foreign policy aimed at protecting its national interests. It will prioritize issues of mutually beneficial cooperation and strategic partnership with neighboring states — China, Russia and the countries of Central Asia — and partners in regional associations.
Apr 28,2023
First freight train from Zhangjiakou to Europe departs
The first "Zhangjiakou-Shijiazhuang-Moscow" China-Europe freight train departed from Zhangjiakou's Wanquan District, Hebei Province, headed for Moscow, the capital of Russia.
Apr 10,2023
Green energy brightens Hebei's future
Zhangbei county, for example, is a core area of the national renewable resource demonstration zone in Zhangjiakou city.
Apr 7,2023
Farmers earn extra cash from bloom in tourism
The coming of spring has caused the rapeseed fields to bloom in Xihan village of Guangping county, Hebei province, and tourists have started visiting to take photos among the golden flowers.
Mar 27,2023
Online retailers expanding global footprint
Chinese online retailers are ratcheting up efforts to expand their global footprint amid a broader drive to cultivate new users and diversify revenue sources, industry experts said. This comes as an increasing number of Chinese vendors sell their products globally through cross-border e-commerce platforms, they said.
Mar 24,2023
AI tech firms eager to join chatbot trend
Baidu Inc, China's largest search engine company, gave the public a peek at its Chinese-language ChatGPT alternative's capabilities through an unveiling of its much-awaited AI-powered chatbot called Ernie Bot on Thursday.
Mar 21,2023
Chinese automakers move to greener, smarter production
Chinese bus maker Yutong has continued to be popular in overseas markets and received numerous foreign orders this year. The Yutong buses have been exported to more than 30 countries and regions, according to the company.
Mar 14,2023
Dual circulation remains key to China's development
China can control much of its economic destiny through its large domestic market and targeted government policies while countering a challenging international environment.
Mar 13,2023
Medicinal fungus lifts incomes in Hebei
In Luanping county of Chengde, Hebei province, farmers have been busy recently harvesting Morchella esculenta, an edible, medicinal fungus.
Mar 10,2023
Economic rebound hopes to cool global inflation
Accommodative policies will stabilize prices, supplies of commodities, drive consumption
Mar 6,2023
Beijing-Tianjin-Hebei region's coordinated development generates new growth driver
The coordinated development in Beijing and neighboring regions is now in full swing and has grown into a new driving force for China's development, nine years after China launched a key strategy to build the Beijing-Tianjin-Hebei regional city cluster.
Feb 27,2023
North China city launches first China-Europe freight train
The freight train, carrying 55 40-foot containers, will complete a journey of 7,800 kilometers and finally arrive at its destination in Moscow 17 days later
Feb 27,2023
Country leads way in new energy storage
Amid rolling hills and tranquil valleys in Hebei province nestles a grand structure. Capable of harnessing the power of nature and storing and releasing energy as needed, the structure — Fengning Pumped Storage Power Station — is known as the world's largest "power bank".
Feb 24,2023
MOU on S&T cooperation in crop seed industry signed between CHSA, AAS
A signing ceremony of the Memorandum of Understanding on S&T Cooperation in Crop Seed Industry between the China Hebei Seed Association (CHSA) and the African Academy of Sciences (AAS) was recently held at a seminal propagation base located in South China's Hainan Province.
Feb 23,2023
Central SOEs to raise investment in mfg
China will raise the proportion of new investment in the manufacturing industry to 13 percent this year through its centrally administrated State-owned enterprises, while lifting the share of strategic emerging industries layout by more than 2 percentage points, said the country's top State assets regulator.
Feb 20,2023
Plan forged for higher product, service quality
Over the past years, China has seen the quality of major technical equipment, projects, important consumer goods and high-tech products in emerging fields reaching higher levels, and the qualified product rating of the country's manufacturing industry hit more than 93 percent for several years consecutively, according to the SAMR.
Feb 17,2023
China-made train goes to Portugal
A subway train made in Tangshan, Hebei province, was handed over to Porto, Portugal on last Saturday in Porto.
Feb 15,2023
China's Hebei sees foreign trade rise 3.9% in 2022
North China's Hebei province saw its foreign trade grow 3.9 percent year-on-year to 562.9 billion yuan ($82.61 billion) in 2022, according to local customs.
Feb 15,2023
China invests 21.5 trillion yuan in major projects
As of Feb 12, a list of 7,652 investment projects worth 21.5 trillion yuan has been released in different parts of China. These projects cover diversified areas including infrastructure, artificial intelligence, information intelligence and new materials.
Feb 14,2023
RCEP contributes to global trade, investment growth in past year
Jan. 1 this year marked the first anniversary of the Regional Comprehensive Economic Partnership (RCEP). Over the past year, China advanced high-quality implementation of this world's largest trade deal and the policy dividends of the deal kept releasing, which effectively promoted regional economic integration.
Feb 8,2023
China's Hebei to invest 103.5 bln yuan in transportation construction
China's Hebei Province plans to invest 103.5 billion yuan (about 15.4 billion U.S. dollars) in transportation construction this year, in an effort to boost the coordinated development of the Beijing-Tianjin-Hebei region, according to the provincial government.
Feb 3,2023
Cargo volume soars at port in Hebei
Tangshan Port in Hebei province achieved a cargo throughput of 768.87 million metric tons last year, the second-highest volume in the world, Hebei Daily reported on Tuesday.
Feb 2,2023
Zhangjiakou's hydrogen buses popular after Games
Nearly a year after Zhangjiakou, Hebei province, co-hosted the Beijing 2022 Winter Olympic Games, 444 hydrogen-powered buses have become the preferred mode of public transportation in the city.
Jan 11,2023
Persimmon industry boosts people's incomes in Yixian county, N China's Hebei
Recently, farmers have been busy drying persimmons in Dule village, Yixian county, north China's Hebei Province.
Jan 10,2023
China issues guideline to strengthen conservation of water, soil
By 2025, China aims to improve its institutional mechanism and system for the conservation of soil and water, enhance management efficiency, and effectively control soil erosion caused by human activities in key regions, with 73 percent of the nation's territory being without soil erosion by that date, per the guideline.
Jan 9,2023
New expressway opens between Beijing and Xiongan New Area
A new expressway between Beijing and Xiongan New Area, in North China's Hebei province, opened to traffic at noon on last Saturday, according to Hebei traffic authorities.
Jan 3,2023
Two China-European Railway Express trains depart from Shijiazhuang on same day
As of December 24, 495 China -Europe Railway Express Trains had departed from the shijiazhuang International Land Port
Dec 29,2022
Foton LOXA(Tangshan) new energy vehicle industrial base officially put into operation
The first hydrogen fuel conversion product, the new generation of heavy-duty truck with large power (350 degrees) went off the line.
Dec 29,2022
Beijing-Tianjin-Hebei Regional Development Index increases
The Beijing-Tianjin-Hebei Regional Development Index for 2021 has increased to 138.9, up 7.7 points year-on-year, according to statistics released by the National Bureau of Statistics on Dec 28.
Dec 29,2022
Global mining giants eye Chinese market
Bloomberg Intelligence data showed that the Oceanian country accounted for 55 percent of China's total iron ore imports in 2021 and 61 percent in 2020, followed by Brazil (19 percent in 2021 and 20 percent in 2020).
Dec 26,2022
China-CEEC Talent Cooperation Forum held in Cangzhou
Nine projects were signed online covering marine biotechnology, electronic information and other fields at China-CEEC Talent Cooperation Forum which was held On December 16 at the Bohai Hotel, Cangzhou City.
Dec 23,2022
New energy industry boosts high-quality development
The new energy industry is boosting high-quality development in different parts of China.
Dec 21,2022
Electric blankets send warmth to the world
In nine hours on a typical workday, she can solder connectors on about 600 electric blankets. They'll be exported to Australia in January as part of an order for 80,000 units.
Dec 15,2022
Investment Project丨​13,000-ton elbow and 1,000-ton wind power flange annual production project in Mengcun Hui Autonomous County
The project is planned to cover an area of two hectares, with a total building area of 10,000 square meters that are equipped with eight forging hammers, eight reaming machines, 30 CNC lathes, eight CNC drilling machines, eight manipulators and eight natural gas furnaces.
Dec 13,2022
Investment Project丨50,000-ton large-diameter welded stainless steel composite pipe fittings production line project in Mengcun Hui Autonomous County
The project is planned to cover an area of three hectares, with a total building area of 11,000 square meters that is equipped with five welded stainless steel composite pipe production lines. After completion, the project can produce 50,000 tons of large-diameter welded stainless steel composite pipe fittings.
Dec 13,2022
Warm blankets made in Hebei to go abroad
Xinle, Hebei province, a major production base for electric blankets for heating beds during winter, is busy as the weather becomes colder.
Dec 13,2022
Investment Project丨Comprehensive processing project of rice and fruit products
The project, located in the economic development zone in Wuqiang County, covers four hectares. It mainly produces chocolate cating machines, refiners, package ball machines, ovens, etc. After reaching production, it produces 15,000 tonnes of coated peanut and 6000 tones of chocolate products.
Dec 9,2022
Investment Project丨Project of green agricultural and sideline products supply base in Beijing-Tianjin-Xiong’an region
Covering an area of 13.33 hectares, the project plans to introduce three to five agricultural leading enterprises and well-known logistics enterprises so as to build a green agricultural and sideline products production base, supply base, distribution base and storage base.
Dec 9,2022
Investment Project丨High-end intelligent furniture production and manufacturing project of Wen'an County, Langfang City
The project is planned to cover an area of 6.67 hectares for building furniture production workshop, storage and smart home workshop.
Dec 6,2022
Investment Project丨Intelligent terminal production base in Langfang Economic and Technological Development Zone
Dec 6,2022
Investment Project丨Core parts of robot production base project of Anci District, Langfang City
The construction conditions of the project are in line with the relevant regulations of the relevant departments of Langfang High-tech Zone.
Nov 30,2022
Investment Project丨Artificial intelligence industrial robot production base in Langfang Economic and Technological Development Zone
Langfang Economic and Technological Development Zone is a national-level economic and technological development zone, as well as a national eco-industrial demonstration park.
Nov 30,2022
China's Hebei sees foreign trade rise in first 10 months
North China's Hebei Province saw its foreign trade grow 2.3 percent year on year to 451.52 billion yuan (about 63.05 billion U.S. dollars) in the first 10 months of 2022, according to local customs.
Nov 29,2022
Zhang Zefeng: It is the right time to invest in Hebei
Zhang Zefeng, the director of Hebei Provincial Department of Commerce, make a speech at the Opening Ceremony of the 2022 China (Hebei) International Ice and Snow Industry Development Conference which opened online on November 25.
Nov 26,2022
Investment Project丨Wearable Remote ECG Monitoring System Project of Jingxiu District
The project covers an area of 3.33 hectares, with a construction area of 10,000 square meters and 10 production lines. After reaching production, the project will have an annual output of 200,000 wearable ECG devices and 20 million flexible ECG electrode patches, with performance reaching international leading level. The labor force will be about 200 people. The wearable remote ECG monitoring s...
Nov 24,2022
Investment Project丨Robot terminal technology production base project of Anci District, Langfang City
The project, planing to cover an area of two hectares, is to build intelligent sensor production line, automatic pneumatic cutting product line, grasping and clamping product line, fast die changing device product line and other production lines.
Nov 24,2022
Live Streaming丨China (Hebei) International Ice and Snow Industry Development Conference 2022!
Nov 23,2022
Expo exhibits nation's digital economy achievements
More than a dozen cities including Chengdu in Sichuan province, Suzhou in Jiangsu province and Wuhan in Hubei province, have joined Beijing, Shanghai, Guangzhou, Guangdong province and others that have maintained a status as first-tier cities in the digital economy, said a report released during the three-day expo.
Nov 18,2022
Jack Dongarra: overview of high performance computing & importance of AI and machine learning
Turing Award winner Jack Dongarra gave an online speech on the topic of overview of high performance computing & importance of AI and machine learning at the CIDEE 2022
Nov 18,2022
Ban Ki-moon: digital economy becoming important engine for economic recovery
Ban Ki-moon, chairman of the Boao Forum for Asia and former UN secretary-general, said in a video address to the China International Digital Economy 2022
Nov 18,2022
Investment Project丨Smart Home System and Equipment Project in N China county
This project is planned to cover an area of eight hectares to build production workshops, R&D centers and supporting facilities.
Nov 17,2022
China International Digital Economy Expo 2022 opens in Hebei
China International Digital Economy Expo 2022 (CIDEE), an international expo on the digital economy kicked off on Wednesday in Shijiazhuang, Hebei Province.
Nov 17,2022
Investment Project丨Financial Valley of Mancheng County in Baoding
This project is planned to cover a total area of 7.8 hectares, mainly constructing 1 big data storage center building, 1 big data service building, 2 administrative office buildings, 2 business office buildings and 8 joint office buildings.
Nov 16,2022
Investment Project丨Major Incubator Construction Project in Sanhe, Langfang
The project is planned to cover an area of 13.3 hectares, with a total construction area of 16.84 square meters, including an above-ground construction area of 148,350 square meters and an underground construction area of 20,000 square meters. It is to mainly construct biotechnology service center, environmental protection new materials center, intelligent manufacturing center and supporting fa...
Nov 16,2022
Vehicles of tomorrow move step closer to takeoff
Global consultancy Roland Berger estimates that up to 160,000 flying vehicles will be operating as air taxis by 2050.
Nov 14,2022
Project of building regional medical center launched in N China city
After completion of the medical center, to be operated and managed by Dongfang Hospital Beijing University of Chinese Medicine, more local residents will get easier access to the high-level TCM treatment services.
Nov 10,2022
North China's Hebei sees rising foreign trade in first nine months
Foreign trade in north China's Hebei Province increased 2.4 percent year on year to about 407.8 billion yuan (about 56.3 billion U.S. dollars) in the first three quarters of 2022, customs statistics showed.
Nov 4,2022
Apples in abundance ready for harvest in Hebei
Farmers in Neiqiu county of Xingtai, Hebei province, are busy picking apples in orchards on 2,000 hectares.
Nov 3,2022
4th batch of key projects started in N China county
The fourth batch of key projects in Laishui County, Hebei Province was started on October 27. The total investmentre of the 16 projects, involving infrastructure, industry, education and other fields
Nov 3,2022
172 key projects started in N China city
A total of 172 key projects with a total investment of 48.36 billion yuan were started in Baoding, Hebei Province on October 27. This year, the planned investment is 7.44 billion yuan, covering culture, sports, infrastructure, civil affairs and other fields.
Nov 3,2022
New operator to manage integrated port system
As one of the province's key State-owned companies, the group will be mainly engaged in port investment and operations.
Nov 1,2022
China's sports industry enters development fast track
China's sports industry has seen remarkable development in recent years thanks to surging consumption of fitness products and the emergence of domestic sports brands.
Oct 31,2022
Resilient wheat seeds produce bumper crops
Color, plumpness, weight and quality. Wheat seeds are carefully inspected in a testing room on the Malan Farm in Shijiazhuang, capital of Hebei province.
Oct 28,2022
A group of "nouns" outline new blueprint for high-quality development in Lubei District, Tangshan City
This year, the Lubei District of Tangshan City continues to deepen the development strategy of "Developing the West, Renovating the East, and Optimizing the central areas", promoting the high-quality development of the whole district, and striving to take the heavy responsibility and play a leading role in the city's accelerated development.
Oct 27,2022
N China city creates new urban gateway to activate development space
With the goal of building a new city gateway this year, Lubei District in north China's Tangshan City has arranged 41 construction projects for the new town in Tangshan.
Oct 27,2022
N China city builds modern industry highland
Over the past 30 years since its establishment, the Qinhuangdao Economic& Technological Development Zone has been adhering to a project-driving strategy, under which projects have been used to boost strength, attract industries and promote development.
Oct 19,2022
Sesame oil a signature product in Hebei
Daming, a county in Handan, Hebei province, about 450 kilometers southwest of Beijing, is famous for its locally made sesame oil.
Oct 14,2022
HBIS Tangsteel: the only case in China's steel industry selected for CCTV's "Smart Manufacturing of China"
“Intelligent Manufacturing - China” is a full-length integrated media reporting production created by the China Media Group (CMG) and the Ministry of Industry and Information Technology (MIIT). It started on September 18 to air the program “Into TangSteel Co. of the HBIS Group”, which tells how it has realized transition and upgrading to become an iron and steel company in the age of intell...
Oct 12,2022
One workday in enterprise registration and deregistration in N China city
The city of Tangshan has since the beginning of this year sustainably made more convenient for market players by simplifying registration and deregistration procedures to optimize the environment for businesses operations. The city's Administrative Examination and Approval Bureau (AEAB) has strongly committed to completing business registration and deregistration in one day, with city-level ent...
Oct 11,2022
Steelworker known for his great dedication to technological innovation
After graduating from the University of Science and Technology Beijing with a major in metallurgical engineering in 2008, Tang, who is now 37, went to Handan, a city about 400 kilometers southwest of Beijing, rather than staying in the capital or going back home to Benxi, Liaoning province. He said that Handan has what he wants.
Oct 11,2022
China-Europe freight train leaves Hebei port
A China-Europe freight train left Shijiazhuang, Hebei province on Tuesday and will arrive in Moscow in around 12 days, with a variety of commodities for customers.
Oct 1,2022
Makeup brushes from north China's Hebei Province go global
Qingxian county in Cangzhou city, north China's Hebei Province is a major production base of makeup brushes. Every year, about 40 million makeup brushes are produced here and then sold to markets located across the world.
Sep 26,2022
Investment Project丨Yue'ai New Town entity development, Handan Economy and Technology Development Zone
Yue Ai New Town is located in the eastern part of Handan Economic and Technological Development District, with a planning area of 16 square kilometers.
Sep 22,2022
Investment Project丨Urban Organic Update Project, Start-up Area of Handan Economic and Technological Development Zone (HETZ)
The total investment of the project is USD 73 million, with a proposed foreign investment of USD 5 million.
Sep 22,2022
Handan: wonderful place for development of industrial economy
Handan, as a city with complete industries, has abundant resources.
Sep 22,2022
Investment Project丨"Belt and Road" International Food Industry Park Project of Handan Economic and Technological Development Zone
The Fudong Modern Agricultural Park of the Handan Economic Development Zone is a national agricultural park with a good foundation for the development of the food processing industry.
Sep 21,2022
Investment Project丨Sino-Czech Industrial Park Settlement Project of Handan Economic and Technological Development Zone
The first phase of the industrial park, with an investment of 600 million yuan and an area of 200 mu, will mainly build small craft beer equipment production, integrated sewage treatment equipment production, organic volatile matter monitor R&D and production, gas monitor R&D and production, water quality online monitoring instrument production and other projects.
Sep 21,2022
Xingtai strengthens industrial chain to attract investment
Xiangdu District of Xingtai City strengthens industrial chain investment and concentrates on strengthening the Xuyang Economic Development Zone.
Sep 21,2022
China's regional development gap narrows over past decade
In recent years, China has unveiled multiple plans to facilitate regional development, such as plans for the coordinated development of the Beijing-Tianjin-Hebei region, the development of the Yangtze Economic Belt, the development of the Guangdong-Hong Kong-Macao Greater Bay Area, and the ecological conservation and high-quality development of the Yellow River basin.
Sep 21,2022
China's Hebei sees foreign trade rise in first eight months
The foreign trade value of north China's Hebei Province reached 360.13 billion yuan (about 52 billion U.S. dollars) in the first eight months of this year, up 1.8 percent year on year, according to the customs of Shijiazhuang, capital of the province.
Sep 19,2022
Qingxian county in Hebei produces 2 million straw hats per year
Known for the craft of straw plaiting, Qingxian county in Cangzhou city of north China's Hebei Province can produce 2 million straw hats annually.
Sep 19,2022