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Zhuolu County Electronic Information Industrial Park Project

I. Project Content

The project planning covers an area of 1,000 acres and is intended to form an industrial chain relying on the BYU Group. Supporting industries include security products, building intelligence products, radar, communication equipment, radio and television equipment, electronic computers, software, home audio-visual equipment, electronic measuring instruments, electronic special equipment, electronic components, electronic devices, electronic information electromechanical, etc.

II. Investment Estimation and Funding Sources

the total investment in the project is 2 billion yuan, to be fully funded.

III. Market Analysis

From the international electronic information industry development cycle, the traditional electronic products will be replaced by new products of networked and digital technology, which brings new space for market growth. At present, the competitiveness of domestic enterprises is increasing, and the drive to adjust the structure through foreign investment will certainly attract more technological enterprises from Beijing universities to settle in, which shows that the project has great market potential.

IV. Construction Conditions

The development of high-tech industries in the Economic Development Zone has taken shape. Beida Qingbei, Wuwei Avionics, Palmary and Wahl, have been recognized as high-tech enterprises by the Science and Technology Department of Hebei Province. All public facilities such as roads, water, electricity, gas, heat and communication in the region are in place and have construction conditions.

V. Economic Benefit Analysis

After the project is completed, it will be able to achieve a sales revenue of 800 million yuan, pay an annual tax of about 80 million yuan, and provide 300 employment opportunities

VI. Mode of cooperation: Cooperation and sole proprietorship

VII. Contact Information

Contact unit: Zhuolu County Bureau of Commerce

Contact person: Xiang Xinhua

Tel: 0313--6521441

Address: Zhuolu County Bureau of Commerce, Zhangjiakou City, Hebei Province



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