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Mulan Weichang Cultural Tourism Industrial Park project

1、Project content and scale: The project is located in Weichang County, and the construction contents include: first, cultural tourism public service facilities.The project includes: a visitor service centre at the Autumn Hunting Party camp, an exhibition hall for the memory of the Manchu people, the Mulan Autumn Hunting Party Museum (with a construction area of 5,000 square metres and four floors, featuring an exhibition hall for Liao and Jin relics, Ming and Qing relics and Neolithic relics), and a plaza for the Xiaozhuang. The second is the ecological recreation project. Construction of ecological park, health community, flower cube international health centre, ice and snow park, motorist theme park, outdoor culture experience area, Shengjing Equestrian Club; the third is the leisure tourism project. Construction of the Shooting Hero Theme Hotel, Special Palace, Manchu Star Avenue, Eight Banners Food Tribe, Light Sculpture Long Street, B&B Area, Mulan Hundred Workshops, etc. The fourth is the Mulan Autumn Service Festival live performance. The show adopts the form of "parade + performance" to generate multiple interactions with visitors. The fifth is the cultural and creative base. A cultural and creative base is set up, integrating research and development, visiting, learning, training, production and sales of cultural and creative products.

2、Investment estimation and fund source: The total investment is US$57,000,000, with US$57,000,000 to be utilised from outside the city.

3、Market analysis: Beijing, Tianjin and Tangshan for ten consecutive years ranked first in the county's source of tourists. Along with the construction and improvement of the project, it will realize the new pattern of the whole area of tourism in Weichang, attracting a large number of tourists from the country and even the world to travel and spend holiday here. It is expected to receive 500,000 tourists per year, providing more than 1,000 tourism jobs.

4、 Economic benefit analysis: After the completion of the project, the area will become the frontier and window for the integration of cultural tourism industry in Weichang County, creating a central park of Mulan Weichang integrating cultural performance, folklore experience, special dining, leisure and recreation, providing more than 1,000 tourism jobs, increasing the county's tourism economic income and promoting the county's economic development.

5、 Construction conditions: The project, Mulan New District, is located in Weichang County, Chengde City, Hebei Province, about 90 kilometres from both Chengde Puning Airport and Chifeng Yulong Airport, and more than 60 kilometres from the Saihanba National Forest Park. As the gateway and bridgehead to the high-speed off-ramp, it is the number one city card for the image of Weichang County.

6、 Overview of the Chinese organizers: Weichang County Tourism, Culture, Television, Radio and Television.

7、 Cooperation mode: sole proprietorship and joint venture.

8、 Contact information

Unit: Weichang County Tourism, Culture, Radio, Film and Television Bureau

Contact person and position: Gao Wenna

Contact Number and Fax: 7569112

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Editor: Song Lifang