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Chongli District Sports Culture Park Project

I. Project Content

The project is located in Toudaobian Village, Erdaobian Village, Sandaobian Village in Gaojiaying Town in Chongli District, planning to cover an area of 1333 hectares. The construction content includes children's sports entertainment area, juvenile physical education expansion area, youth sports competition area, sports health care area for elderly people and comprehensive landscape leisure area. It aims to build the largest outdoor sports park in Hebei Province. Its construction period is 5 years.

II. Investment Estimation and Funding Sources

The project's total investment is 1.5 billion yuan, and all the investment will be attracted.

III. Market Analysis

With the improvement of people's living standard, people's demand for surburb travel and holiday leisure travel is increasingly strong. The location advantage is obvious after the project completion. It is only 5 kilometers away from the downtown of Zhangjiakou with citizens in Zhangjiakou as the core customer group, citizens in Beijing and tourists around Beijing as the secondary target customer group. The market is promising and broad.

IV. Construction Conditions

Toudaobian village, Erdaobian Village and Sandaobian Village in Gaojiaying Town have complete ecological protection, lush vegetation and excellent spring water quality, which can be described as a paradise in Zhangjiakou City and meet the conditions for project construction.

V. Economic Benefit Analysis

After the project completion, the annual revenue is expected to be 150 million yuan and the annual profit rate is 10%. The project can bring about 2000 urban employment.

VI. Ways of cooperation: Sole proprietorship

VII. Contact Information


People's government of Gaojiaying Town, Chongli District, Zhangjiakou

Contact Person: Qin Xing


Add.:Gaojiaying town, Chongli District,Zhangjiakou City

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