Investment project | Kangba Noel Grassland Ecological Town construction project in Kangbao County
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Kangba Noel Grassland Ecological Town construction project in Kangbao County

I. Project Content

The project is located in the east and south of Kangba Noel Lake wetland, covering an area of 12000 Mu and a total construction area of 45000 square meters. Construction contents: bird watching platform, watchtower, homestay, light show, agricultural sightseeing area, picking garden, intangible cultural heritage exhibition area, featured food service area, agricultural culture experience area, featured town management area, relic gull photography exhibition hall, photography bunker, guardrail, sightseeing trail, ice dream experience area, snow road, and other supporting facilities. Project scale: relying on the Kangba Noel National Wetland Park, it is planned to build a Kangba Noel characteristic town integrating ice dream, snow road, farming culture experience, Relict Gull photography and characteristic homestay, so as to create a Netflix hotspots.

II. Investment Estimation and Funding Sources

The total investment of the project is 1.17 billion yuan, and it is planned to attract all the investment.

III. Market Analysis

With the relic gull, a national first-class protected animal and a National Wetland Park, the Kangba Noel characteristic town will be built into a tourist holiday punch in place integrating relic gull photography, leisure vacation and ice skiing.

IV. Construction Conditions

With the holding of the China Kangbao relic gull protection photography week, Kangba Noel wetland has been gradually known by domestic photographers and major news media and widely spread. It is of great necessity and feasibility to take advantage of the situation to attract investment, restore the ecology, develop tourism and stimulate the economy for the development of the economy, society and cultural tourism in Kangbao. At the same time, the county government has formulated “The Support Measures for Promoting the Development of Key Industries in Kangbao County (Trial)”, which provides preferential policies for fixed capital industrial investment, construction land, financing and other aspects for key industrial projects to support project construction.

V. Economic Benefit Analysis

Social benefits: drive the catering and accommodation of the county and surrounding villages and towns, sales of local specialties, resettlement of people out of poverty, prevention of returning to poverty and employment, etc. At the same time, the completion of Kangba Noel characteristic town will become another cultural brand and regional business card of Kangbao County, which will greatly enhance the external popularity and influence of Kangbao.

VI. Ways of cooperation: Joint venture

VII. Contact Information

Company: Kangbao County Housing and Urban Rural Development Bureau

Contact: Liu Zhimin

Tel: 0313—5512455

Add: Jianshe street, Kangbao Town, Kangbao County

Postcode: 076650


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