Investment project | Chengde: Project of Northern New Town Medical and Nursing Sports Complex
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四、经济效益分析:项目建成后预计年产值15000万美元 ,税收3100万美元,新增就业1000人.







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Northern New Town Medical and Nursing Sports Complex Project

Ⅰ. Project Content and Scale: The project is located in the south of National Highway 101 in Lao Xiying Village, Shuangfengsi Town to the north of Wulie River, covering an area of about 40 hectares. Based on Chengde Medical College, it plans to build a high-end health care industrial park integrating rehabilitation medical institutions, sports, health and health care and other functions.

Ⅱ. Investment estimation and source of funds: The project investment is estimated to be US $790 million, and the capital source is the enterprise investment.

Ⅲ. Market Analysis: The Outline of the "Healthy China 2030" Plan is the first medium-and long-term strategic plan in the field of health put forward at the national level since the founding of the People's Republic of China. It is a programmatic document with a significant impact on promoting the construction of a healthy China."Planning outline" put forward: release sports fitness activity guide, establish and perfect for different groups, different environment, different physical conditions of exercise prescription library, promote the formation of medical disease management and health service mode, give a full play to national scientific fitness in health promotion, chronic disease prevention and rehabilitation. With the rapid development of China's economy and society, the integration of sports and medicine with sports prescription as the bridge has begun to enter the practical application stage, with huge market potential.

Ⅳ. Economic benefit analysis: After the completion of the project, the estimated annual output value is 150 million US dollars, the tax revenue is 31 million US dollars, and 1,000 new jobs are created.

Ⅴ.Construction conditions: First, the natural environment of the northern new city area is superior, close to the Wulie River, and the air quality has been ranked among the forefront in China for a long time. Second, the geographical location is superior, the project plot is flat, at the same time it is close to Chengde Medical College, as a result it can carry out cooperation with universities in related technology and talents and other fields.Third, the transportation in the project area is very convenient, only 1 kilometers away from the Shuangfeng Temple Expressway, and about 10 kilometers away from Puning Airport. The expressway network with one ring and eight directions covers all counties in the city and reaches Beijing, Tianjin and surrounding major cities.

Ⅵ. Chinese organizer: Shuangqiao District People's Government

Ⅶ. Cooperation mode: sole proprietorship, joint venture, cooperation or other means.

Ⅷ. Contact information:

Contact person and position:

Niu Dawei (Director of Commerce Bureau of Shuangqiao District)

Yang Wenhan (Head of Shuangfengsi Town, Shuangqiao District)

Tel: Niu Dawei 18003148877

Yang Wenhan 18003148010

Contact unit: Shuangqiao District, Chengde City, Hebei Province

Address: No.6, Zhonghua Road, Shuangqiao District, Chengde City, Hebei Province

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