Shijiazhuang takes steps to optimize business environment
Jul 11,2022 Great Wall New Media

长城网讯(记者 胡晓梅 郑白)石家庄是百年城市、千年古郡,拥有6个联合国教科文组织认定的“千年古县”,拥有全国重点文物保护单位40余处;石家庄是“南北通衢、燕晋咽喉”,是以首都为核心的京津冀世界级城市群区域中心城市,也是离首都北京、雄安新区最近的省会城市,交通服务便捷,机场、高铁、高速、地铁一应俱全,“一小时交通圈”为企业发展提供了广阔的市场空间.

Shijiazhuang is a century-old city with six UNESCO-accredited "thousand-year-old counties" and more than 40 national key cultural relics protection units. It is also a strategic location in Yan Dynasty and Jin Dynasty. Shijiazhuang is the regional center of the Beijing-Tianjin-Hebei area. It is also the nearest provincial capital city to Beijing and Xiong'an New Area. It has convenient transportation services, such as airports, high-speed railways, highways and subways. Shijiazhuang creates a "one-hour traffic circle" providing a wide market space for business development.

石家庄充分发挥园区经济发展主战场、主阵地作用,加快建设具有坚强配套服务能力的低成本化园区;设立了200 亿元的主导产业发展基金和每年10亿元的主导产业专项资金,全力支持实体经济发展;与各大商业银行签署战略合作协议,获得了未来三至五年1.5 万亿的授信额度,为企业发展壮大提供了充分的资金保证;牢树“店小二”意识,大力推进行政审批“减时、上网、便民”,定期开展“企业家·市长恳谈会”“市民·市长见面会”,加快建设全国最优营商环境示范城市,确保投资有效益、企业有钱赚、安全有保障.到 2025年,石家庄经济总量将突破万亿.

Shijiazhuang has given full play to the role of the main battlefield and main position of the development of zonal economy, and accelerated the construction of low-cost parks with strong supporting services. The government has signed strategic cooperation agreements with major commercial banks and obtained a credit line of 1.5 trillion yuan in the next three to five years, providing sufficient financial guarantee for the development and growth of enterprises. The city will also be able to speed up the construction of a model city with the best business environment in the country, ensuring that investment will be effective. Shijiazhuang's economic output will exceed one trillion by 2025.

Editor: Song Lifang