"iHebei" English Channel Operational
Jun 24,2022 Great Wall New Media

SHIJIAZHUANG -The "iHebei" English channel put into operation on Friday.

Launched by the the Great Wall New Media Group, a leading media company based in Shijiazhuang, it is a window for knowing about authoritative news, culture and history, modern science and technology and economic development of north China's Hebei Province.

It is available at the webpage and mobile phones. Users may log on to the website www.hebei.com.cn, click "English" to enter into the iHebei channel or download Jiyun App and search for the "English" column to enter into the "iHebei" channel.

The channel mainly has two blocks: news and service. The news block features such columns as "News", "Faces", "Culture", "Travel", "Business", "Cuisine", which present the beautiful landscapes, unique human appeals, profound history and culture and other excellent stories that enable international friends to know about Hebei. The service block features information about medicine, education, employment, and transport that serve people incoming to Hebei.

The Great Wall New Media Group also opened accounts Twitter:iHebei_GWNM;Facebook:China iHebei; YouTube:iHebei and Instagram: wow_Hebei earlier this year, where one can get up-to-date news about Hebei.

Located east of the Taihang Mountains and north of the Yellow River, Hebei has become a popular tourist destination, featuring time-honored history, rich array of cultures, and gorgeous natural landscapes.

Hebei has in recent years aroused significant international attention by holding such high-level global events as the China International Digital Economy Expo and the "Belt and Road" Great Wall International Folk Culture and Arts Festival.

Local mainstream media are playing an increasingly important role in international communication. The Great Wall New Media Group has accelerated its pace of internationalization and the application of IT technology in a bid to seek breakthroughs and innovations in telling touching stories about Hebei that transcends language and space barriers to enable people from the other parts of the world to feel the vitality, potentiality, dynamics, appeal and strength of this land of the ancient states of Yan and Zhao.

Editor: Song Lifang