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Oct 28,2022 Great Wall New Media


With a hustling and bustling history, the 1,000-year-old city of Zhengding, known as the Grand Town of Three Passes and the hometown of Zhao Zilong (a famous general during the Period of the Three Kingdoms), stands on the north bank of the Hutuo River, which surrounds the flowery city like a jade belt. Relying on the profound cultural heritage and following the guideline of serving the people, the Rongguo Mansion, China's first film and television shooting base, was built here, helping the ancient city to glow with a new glory of the times.


Being meticulous and pragmatic. On the basis of inheritance, protection and development, the Rongguo Mansion is a cultural crystallization of creative transformation and innovative development of the Chinese excellent traditional culture, a typical epitome of how Zhengding has boosted its development through efforts in culture and tourism, and also an example of how the county has upheld the "people-centered" guideline in the course of development.


This magnificent ancient city is a fascinating place. In the Rongguo Mansion, begonia flowers are still red. The Rongguo Mansion is glowing with a new glory of the times. We look forward to re-visiting the complex in the future.

总 策 划:赵 兵 丁 伟

Supervising Producers: Zhao Bing, Ding Wei

总 监 制:王悦路

Chief Producer: Wang Yuelu

总 导 演:白志利

Chief Director: Bai Zhili

文 稿:赵呈岗 赵彦红

Script: Zhao Chenggang, Zhao Yanhong

导 演:郝朋起 王旭泽

Directors: Hao Pengqi, Wang Xuze

后 期:郝朋起

Edited by: Hao Pengqi

拍 摄:高京伟 刘 超 韩晓宇

Cinematography: Gao Jingwei, Liu Chao, Han Xiaoyu


Translation Coordinator: Yang Jianmin

字幕翻译:郑 白 宋立芳

Script Translators: Zheng Bai, Song Lifang

宣 传:顾小凤

Publicity: Gu Xiaofeng

制 片:徐 帅 陈 博

Producers: Xu Shuai, Chen Bo


Special thanks to:

Publicity Department of CPC Zhengding County Committee

Editor: Song Lifang